Choosing Water Feature & Fountain Pump System

The pump system is one of the key components of a water feature and fountain that you should carefully look into when buying water feature products. The pump is the main equipment that facilitates the continuous movement of water throughout a water feature and fountain. As water reaches the lower level of a water feature and fountain, it is the pump that returns it back to the reservoir for re-distribution.

Water feature and fountain pump systems come in numerous sizes and, also powered by different forms of energy, which have significant impacts on the performance of the entire water feature and fountain.

Guidelines for choosing Water Feature and Fountain Pump System

Volume or size of the water feature and fountain

Pumps are available in numerous sizes, which are mainly determined by the rates at which they can pump a given amount of water per hour. To easily determine the volume or size of your water feature and fountain, simply look at the amount of water it can hold. For instance, if your water feature and fountain holds 5000 litres, you should at least consider a pump system with a rating of 5000lph.

For larger and uniquely shaped water features and fountains, it is always advisable to choose a pump system with a higher rating for efficiency. It is better to get a pump with a higher rating or slightly larger than the requirements of your water feature and fountain instead of a smaller one. A pump with a lower rating than your water feature and fountain will only result into inefficiency.

Filtration system

Although not all water features and fountains use filtration systems, it is another key component found in a number of them. If your water feature and fountain has a filtration system, it is important to choose a pump that can perform at the same rate. For efficiency, the pump should be able to handle a similar amount of water that passes through the filters. For instance, if your filtration system handles 5000 litres per hour, you should go for a pump system with a similar rating.

If the filtration system does not match the pump, there are higher chances you will not achieve a smooth flow of water throughout the water feature and fountain. Besides, it could also impact malfunction on parts of both equipment.

Power consumption

Water feature and fountain pump systems run on either electricity or solar energy. Generally, electric pumps are the most common but, solar water feature pumps are also significantly increasing in demand. Solar pump systems are considered eco-friendly and cost-effective, since they entirely operate on energy obtained from the sun, which is highly sustainable. However, they can only be an ideal option for areas that experience lots of sunlight.

In case you are thinking of buying an electric water feature and fountain pump, it is important to consider the total costs of running each size. Owing to the developments in technology today, you can easily find energy saving water feature and fountain pumps ideal for conserving electricity. However, you can also save energy by controlling the number of hours that your pump runs in a day.


Brand is not usually a key factor for choosing water feature and fountain pump systems. But, there are some brands known to deliver outstanding performance, which you may want to look into before making your purchase. There are several online resources with information about leading water feature and fountain pumps that can help you make informed decisions on a suitable pump system.

From these resources, you can also find reviews by people who have used different brands of water feature and fountain pumps. These could help you determine an ideal brand to go for. However, your choice of a brand should not overshadow the other factors discussed above.

Talk to a water feature and fountain professional

Choosing a suitable pump system for your water feature and fountain can still be challenging even if you closely follow all the guidelines above. The easiest way to obtaining the right water feature and fountain pump system is through the help of an expert. Talk to Water Feature Singapore for the ultimate water feature products and services.