Choosing Water Feature Filtration & Filter System

A water feature filtration and filter system is one of the most important equipment that you will need when planning to install a water feature in your home or business. Proper filtration is always an essential requirement for keeping the water in your water feature clean and fresh. And, that is why it is very important to choose a suitable filtration and filter system when thinking of erecting a water feature on your space.

Similar to swimming pool filters, water feature filtration systems also help with maintaining water quality. They work by removing debris, algae and, also preventing water discoloration. This will not only translate into the safety of the water in the water feature but, the surrounding areas too. Proper water feature filtration will ensure a more conducive environment for your plants and fish to thrive therein.

Types of Filtration

There are various kinds of filtration systems, each with unique benefits for different water features. The main types include mechanical or physical, biological and chemical filtration.

Mechanical filtration

Mechanical filtration is conducted by passing water through a filtration media to trap wastes present therein. The media are mainly useful in skimming large sized wastes like, leaves and algae, which are clearly visible on the surface or under the water. This helps with preventing clogging and decomposition of wastes at the bottom of the water feature.

Chemical filtration

Although this is not very common in water features, it is always recommended for water features with aquariums. Chemical filtration is mainly conducted by special resins and carbons that can eliminate both organic and inorganic pollutants. Since the filtration is done by chemicals, you should be very keen on the levels applied to avoid harming the plants and fish in your water feature.

Biological filtration

Unlike mechanical and chemical filtration, biological filtration relies on nature to maintain water quality. One of the ways this can be done is introducing beneficial bacteria to naturally breakdown the pollutants in the water feature. Also known as the nitrogen cycle, this type of filtration can take time since you will have to wait for the bacteria to grow in order to begin filtration.


When choosing water feature filtration and filters, you should also remember there are a variety of filters in the market. The common ones are combination filters, submersible or external filters. The combination filter can provide both mechanical and chemical filtration, which makes it more efficient in large sized water features.

External or submersible filters are also a good option for maintaining high water quality in small, medium and large sized water features. To get the right filters, you should consider those that are easy to install and maintain. Besides, it is also important to consider the electrical and plumbing requirements of using the filters.

Water feature pumps

Water feature pumps work hand in hand with filtration systems and filters. In fact, there are some filters that can be installed inside the pumps. To ensure that your water feature runs efficiently throughout, you should choose a filtration and filter system that complements the pump on the facility. A water feature expert can assist you in determining the right filters and filtration systems that can work harmoniously with the existing pump.


The cost of water feature filtration and filter systems usually vary from one to another and, might even seem too high for many people. However, it should be noted that setting up the appropriate filtration and filter system for your water feature offers greater returns in the long term. Despite the budget that you have for water feature filtration and filter system, do not just rush into comparing the prices without determining the best types that can perform on your water feature beforehand.

There is no guarantee that any specific water feature filtration and filter system can work for you. The trick is to talk to an expert about your options. Water Feature Singapore is the best place to always acquire help when buying water feature products and services Singapore.