Water Feature Maintenance

A well-tendered water feature offers numerous benefits not only to the landscape and environment but, the people living therein too. Even if you live in busy and packed city apartments, a custom indoor water feature can be a great way to create a more tranquil and peaceful setting, likened to that experienced in the leafy suburbs.

The main components of water features are water, earth, plants and natural stones. Others also include fish or other aquatic animals. As a result of this, it is always important that these components are maintained in perfect condition for the facility to thrive. If the water is contaminated, there are higher chances the plants and animals therein will begin to starve and die.

Besides, lack of proper maintenance could also encourage the growth of unwanted plants and, also attract wild animals, making your water feature inefficient and unsafe. On the other hand, failing to conduct regular maintenance on your water feature could also impact malfunction on some electrical or mechanicals parts like, the pump.

Unlike other simpler DIY landscaping projects, the maintenance of water features requires skills and time, which you can hardly come by on your own. At Water Feature Singapore, we offer professional water feature maintenance services that you can always rely on to preserve the sparkle and health of the one you have without any hassle.

How We Handle Water Feature Maintenance

Similar to other landscaping elements, water features thrive in the natural eco-system, which exposes them to varying environmental and weather conditions. This means, maintenance is a basic requirement that must be met in order to keep the facility in proper shape and condition. In fact, professional water feature maintenance is the best approach that you should pursue in order to preserve the value of the one you have in your home or business.

At Water Feature Singapore, we believe that every water feature is unique in terms of design, size, style and accessories. However, one thing that is common in all is that they both require maintenance in order to stay clean and working as required. Therefore, we provide comprehensive water feature maintenance services that cater for all kinds of water features regardless of the sizes, styles, accessories or even the areas where they are set up.

Water feature maintenance entails a series of activities, which we can effectively perform depending on the condition of the facility and, your unique demands. Before we begin any procedure, our engineers will pay you a visit to ascertain the condition of your water feature and, determine the required maintenance procedures. For convenience, we will also discuss with you in advance, about all the procedures that will be performed.

Our water feature maintenance services include but, not limited to the following;

    • Removing decaying tree leaves, grass, algae and litter
    • Trimming the plants around the water feature to avoid falling leaves and branches
    • Controlling run-off from the garden and lawn
    • Installing aquatic plants to supplement food for fish
    • Monitoring the PH for water features
    • Fixing water feature leakages
    • Winterizing

As hinted above, there are several water feature maintenance procedures that we perform to keep the facilities safe and running smoothly throughout. Apart from the common maintenance procedures listed above, we can also offer unique services to meet specific customer demands. For instance, you can opt to grow beneficial bacteria in your water feature to help with filtration.

Due to the natural life that exists in water features, even slight changes in saline or chlorine levels could cause the death of your plants and animals therein. Thus, we will also help with checking the levels and making the necessary adjustments to maintain the quality of the ecosystem. We have intuitive technologies to effectively diagnose and correct any changes in PH or other imbalances before they affect the entire pond.

In treating the water, we use UV filters that are not only eco-friendly but, also very effective in eliminating bacteria, algae, other unwanted growths and parasites. While offering maintenance to your water feature, we will also look into the conditions of equipment and accessories, like pump and lighting for signs of malfunction.

Whether you have a custom indoor water feature, outdoor water feature, garden water feature or fountain, talk to us for the best water feature maintenance Singapore.