In the past few years, water features have become a key component of many landscaping projects for both residential and commercial property across Singapore. And, this is a strong impression of the numerous benefits that the facilities provide not only to the environment but, several other aspects of human life too.

There is so much that you can experience from having a water feature in your home, office space or business property. Besides just creating a unique focal attraction on your property, water features also have inherent health returns.

Main Benefits of Water Features

Increases property value

Although water features can be customized with specific components, they usually incorporate diverse elements including, water, plants, natural stones, wildlife, and equipment among others. Water features create a natural ecosystem that could be very hard to quantify, thus, pushing the value of the property where they are built much higher.

If you are thinking of re-sale, adding a water feature on the property could significantly elevate the overall value, offering greater returns on investments.

Environmental benefits

Since water features are mainly comprised of water, natural plant and animal life, they bring the exact feel of nature right into your living and work space. With the continuous flow of water across the facility, the plants will flourish and also attract birds and other wildlife, creating a more fulfilling natural ecosystem on your property.

Flowing water calms the soul

The sounds produced by running water also have a significant psychological impact on humans, offering a relaxing and soothing sensation. After a long and busy day at work, listening to the cascading water from your outdoor, indoor or garden water feature can easily help melt away all the stress.

Reduce noise pollution

Whether you install a custom indoor, outdoor or garden water feature, you will always be amazed at how easily they can absorb noise from traffic, loud voices and other forms of disturbance around the property. The flowing water can easily eliminate noise, giving you a new rejuvenating sound to calm your body, mind and spirit.

The Best Water Feature Products and Services in Singapore

To enjoy all the above and several other benefits of water features, it is always advisable that you obtain the best quality water feature products and services. At Water Feature Singapore, we are the experts that you can always trust to deliver outstanding water feature products and services Singapore.

Our Products

Here at Water Feature Singapore, we clearly understand that home owners usually have varying needs and expectations when it comes to water features. Thus, we have a fully customized water feature products portfolio to enable you get just the right match for your home, office, commercial property and budget. Our water feature products portfolio caters for the following;

Water Fountain

When thinking of giving your home or business space a unique twist of beauty and serenity, our company is the right partner to always engage. We can help you create an iconic custom water fountain to truly liven the spaces.

Water Feature

At Water Feature Singapore, we have greater experience with water features, which enables us to create unique attractions in every project. With us, you can easily develop a custom water feature that perfectly complements your space, needs, lifestyle and budget.

We offer custom water features in the following categories;

Water Fall

A custom water fall is also another great element of landscaping that you should consider for creating a unique sanctuary in your home or commercial property. We can provide the best custom water fall constructed from the specific materials that you want.

Water Wall

Adding a custom water wall in your home or office can be an exceptional way to transform the appeal of the interior decor. Despite the available space, we can provide a custom water wall that will also set in a fulfilling mood of tranquillity therein.


Apart from just giving your balcony enhanced dimensional stability, natural look and texture, wood and timber decking is also eco-friendly and low maintenance. For the best in wood and timber decking Singapore, simply talk to us.

Our Services

Creating a water feature is a process that usually entails a series of activities. Without proper planning and the help of a professional, you can hardly end up with the desired results. That is why at Water Feature Singapore, we have a team of consultants, architects and engineers to properly guide you throughout the formulation and implementation of your ideas for the best water feature. Our water feature services include;


At Water Feature Singapore, we have professional architects with many years’ experience to carefully listen to all your needs and, creatively develop a suitable water feature design. We can create both standard and custom water feature designs for every space and budget.

Building and Installation

After developing the ideal blueprint for your water feature, our company will also provide engineers to successfully build and install it on your property. We build and install all kinds of water features with a guarantee of unique attractions that stand apart on every space.

Repair and Refurbishment

In case your water feature is experiencing problems or need upgrading on some components, we will also be at your service to provide professional repair and refurbishment solutions. We have the expertise to effectively diagnose and fix all water features problems at your convenience.


Our company also specializes in water feature maintenance services to help you keep the one on your property in perfect condition throughout. Our personnel can visit to perform the maintenance on short notice or schedule the procedures after every short while.


To save you from losing water and paying huge water bills from your water feature, we can also provide the best waterproofing solutions. Through our water feature waterproofing services, you will be able to avoid leaks and keep the facility running efficiently.


We can also provide custom water feature lighting to improve visibility around the facility and, also improve its appearance. Proper lighting will also help with scaring away any wild animals or insects from the eco system, making your home safer.

At Water Feature Singapore, we do not only focus on the products and services that we provide. In fact, we believe it is our responsibility to also enlighten you on some of the key concepts of water features that you should keep in mind when thinking of creating the facility on your property. Feel free to also visit our blog to learn more about water features, water fountains and water walls.

Why Choose Water Feature Singapore

Unlike other elements of landscaping and interior decor, developing water features and keeping them in the perfect working condition requires expertise and time, which most home owners and businesses do not have. This is one of the reasons why you should let Water Feature Singapore take care of all your water feature needs.

By relying on our company for water feature products and services, you can always be sure of the following;

Tailor-made water feature products

Our commitment is to always deliver custom water feature products that perfectly meet the specific needs of every client. Whether you are looking for a water fountain, water feature, water wall, water fall or wood and timber decking, we will always make sure that every aspect of the facility is tailored to your personal expectations and space.

Professional water feature services

At Water Feature Singapore, we have trained and experienced architects, engineers and other personnel to easily bring all your ideas to life. Besides, we also integrate innovative technologies in our work to ensure greater precision and efficiency in every task. The result is satisfactory workmanship in all projects.

The best water feature products and services whenever you need them

To us, time is always of great essence in every project. And, that is why we work round-the-clock to always ensure that every client is able to get the required water feature products and services at their convenience. Regardless of the particular water feature services or products that you need, we are confident that all will be delivered within the given timelines.

Affordable water feature products and services

We are also very keen on pricing to make sure that every client gets the best water feature solutions without spending more. Just the same way we customize our products and services; we will also prepare a quotation that specifically complements your budget. In fact, our consultants will also advise you on various cost-saving measures for your water feature.

Personalized Customer Service

In every product and service that we provide, we always place a lot of emphasis on the end-user experience. Besides just taking in your inquiries, our Customer Service team comprises of water feature professionals to also provide ideal solutions on the spot so you can always get all the assistance that you need without any hassle.

Even if you acquired water feature products and services from elsewhere, you can still contact us for help in case of any hitches experienced in the course of using them. Talk to us directly or visit our blog for the ultimate water feature solutions.