Granite Water Feature & Water Fountain

Over the years, granite has continued to dominate a wide range of landscaping projects as a key building and construction material. Solid granite is one of the highly recommended stones for water features and water fountains, featured on a variety of residential and commercial property in Singapore.

Besides the build and installation of water features, solid granite is also used in refurbishment procedures for improved aesthetics and longevity. Granite is quite versatile and, can be easily customized to complement diverse settings and styles. In fact, it is one of the materials that every professional will recommend for water features and fountains.

Benefits of Granite in Water Features and Water Fountains

There are quite a number of reasons why granite is considered an incredible material for water features and fountains by professionals. In case you are planning to build and install or even revamp a water feature, below are some of the main reasons to choose granite;

Better resilience

Compared to artificial stones, granite is all-natural and, made up of sustainable materials that can effectively withstand varying climatic, weather and environmental conditions. Solid granite is only second to diamond when it comes to durability, which contributes long lasting water features and fountains.

Whether it is used inside water or on the surface, granite has the ability to maintain its strength and appearance throughout. The solid surface of granite is non-porous and, can withstand freezing. Even the scorching heat of the sun cannot easily crack granite. Its ability to remain in top shape through harsh conditions makes it ideal for custom outdoor and garden water features.

Considering the enhanced durability of granite, using it on your water feature and fountain can also be a smart move towards cutting down operational costs. With the material, you will not be subjected to recurring maintenance and repair works on your water feature and fountain, hence, also cost-saving.

Unique aesthetics

Granite also has a distinctive beautiful appearance that provides an outstanding twist of style to every water feature and fountain it is used on. The material is available in a variety of shades including, light tan, charcoal grey among others. Granite has an ornamental feel that will no doubt make any water feature and fountain look stylish.

Unlike cast stones, granite lends itself to a wide range of styles, which can be crafted to match the decor and style of every space. In fact, skilled artisans can hand carve granite can with unique details and patterns for creating luxurious and exquisite water features and fountains. In terms of elegance, you can never go wrong with granite.

Easy customizability

This material can be customized into diverse forms for building beautiful and functional water features and water fountains with a timeless appeal. Even if your water feature or fountain is built with other materials, you can still opt for granite detailing to lift up the mood and, enhance its strength.

Granite can be cut into different sizes and shapes without losing its outstanding durability and aesthetics. As a result of this, it can work in various parts including, laying the foundation, crafting unique accessories and decorations for indoor water features, outdoor water features, garden water features and water fountains.

Despite the greater endurance, exceptional aesthetics and flexibility of granite, it is quite environmental friendly. Whether used inside the home or on the landscape, granite has no impacts on the environment, humans and pets. Besides, granite is also low-maintenance, thus, a highly sustainable material for water features and fountains.

How to Get the Best Granite Water Feature and Water Fountain Singapore

The easy customizability of granite has earned it a top place in most applications when it comes to the build and installation and refurbishment of water features and fountains. However, this does not mean that you should just go for any granite water feature or water fountain offered in the market.

The key points that you must always look into when selecting granite water features and water fountains include sizes, styles, types and cost. But, you can also avoid all the hassles by simply engaging an expert in water feature products and services. Water Feature Singapore is the professional to always contact for reliable help in obtaining granite water features and water fountains Singapore.