Use of Water Feature & Water Fountain in Feng Shui

Feng shui water features and water fountains are among the most common feng shui cures today, found in several homes and businesses across Singapore. Regardless of their designs, styles, sizes, materials or the particular components installed therein, there are a number of roles that water fountains and water features play in feng shui.

Some Unique Benefits

Decorating living spaces

Feng shui water features and water fountains are quite versatile and, can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They can easily create an ornamental display that brings a unique splendour into the home. Feng shui water features and water fountains provide a focal attraction that will no doubt elevate the appeal of your entire home.

With a sophisticated water feature design, you will also significantly improve the value of your property, which could offer greater returns on investment during resale.


The musical sounds of flowing water through the fountains and water features are a significant recreational tool recommended even by doctors. The sounds are pleasing to the ears with greater rejuvenation qualities that can help you calm down during stressful times. In fact, sitting by a water fountain or water feature is always a great way to relieve stress.

There are numerous health benefits that you will achieve from installing feng shui water features and water fountains in your home. Even if you are not stressed up, a feng shui garden water feature offers a more fulfilling spot for you and your family as well as guests to enjoy dinner and, the outdoor environment.

Cleaning the air

Having a feng shui water feature in your living room or other indoor spaces can also assist with ensuring a clean and fresh air for greater comfort. As the water flows through the fountain, it emits negative ions into the environment, making your home cool and tranquil. The sounds of flowing water also help with eliminating white noise, ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment for all.

Wealth generation and prosperity

Besides just stimulating the mind and body, feng shui water features and water fountains can also help with generating wealth. In feng shui, flowing water is a symbol of income. The smooth and continuous flow of water in your fountain is a sign of wealth, which could be in the form of daily wages, monthly or other income.

The accumulation of water in water features and water fountains on the other hand, symbolizes a stack of assets. This could be translated in the form of businesses, property among others. This means, the more your fountains accumulate water, the better your luck in generating and piling up wealth.

In feng shui, fish is a sign of abundance. However, you should be careful to place the water feature and fish in the south east section of your home to experience this abundance. Although you can opt to include your preferred fishes, having eight gold fish and one black fish in the pond can effectively attract great wealth and prosperity luck.

To enhance the strength of feng shui on your water feature and fountain, you should also consider adding an image of a dragon, White Jambhala or other symbolic elements therein.

How to Install Water Features and Fountains for Good Feng Shui

To experience all the benefits of water feature and water fountain feng shui above, it is important that you also know the right areas to place them in your home. The best areas for placing feng shui fountains and water features are east, south east and north. According to the Feng shui principles, placing the features on the east side complements wealth and family.

Placing your feng shui fountain and water feature on the south east points to wealth and money while the north side attracts career and path in life. Besides, it is also crucial to note that placing feng shui water features and fountains on the south side, in the bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms is highly discouraged as they are symbols of bad feng shui.

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